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How to Prepare Your Quilt for Long Arm Quilting

These are a few tips to make it easier for your long-arm quilter to work with your quilt top. These tips may even save you money if the quilter doesn’t have to stop to make adjustments or corrections to your work.


  •        Seams in quilt tops need to be an accurate ¼”. 
  •        For backings, use a ½” seam and press the seam allowance open.
  •        Make the borders fit your quilt by measuring the quilt top across the left side, right side, and center.  Take the average of these three measurements and cut both side borders for this measurement. Pin, pin, pin your border onto your quilt top before stitching. Do the same for the top and bottom borders.
  •        The batting and backing need to be a total of 12” larger than your quilt top. This allows for about 6” on all sides so that the backing and batting can absorb any stretching of the quilt top and also allows for pinning and clamping to the rollers on the quilt frame. 
  •        Do not baste your quilt sandwich, bring in as 3 separate items…top, batting, and backing. Please have the top and backing pressed well and hung on a hanger. 
  •        The quilt top must be clipped of loose threads, both front and back. Loose threads cause snags, uneven stitching, and possible damage to the quilting machine. 
  •        The quilt top and backing should be pressed well. The backing and batting should be squared. Before bringing your quilt top to the quilter, lay it on the floor and check for waviness. If you can’t press it flat, the quilter can’t quilt it flat without a lot of extra work and maybe putting in some tucks or pleats. 
  •        Stabilize pieced borders or pieced blocks at edges with stay stitching 1/8” – ¼” from the edge before quilting. Seams at the edge of the quilt top may pull apart during the quilting process. 
  •        Remove any stains and or animal hair from your quilt top, batting, and backing before bringing it to the quilter. 
  •        Be sure there are NO pins or embellishments on your quilt top. These can damage the quilting machine and result in additional charges. 
  •        Know that a rush job will have an additional fee. The promised “finished date” is closely estimated. Please do not call to “see how it’s going”. You will be called when your quilt is ready. 


*If you need a quilt completed by Christmas, Please have it dropped off by October 1st*


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